Case Registered Again Ahmadi Muslim In Karachi

Case Registered Again Ahmadi Muslim In Karachi

case registered against ahmadi muslim for having syed in name

A case was registered on 21-11-2022 in Karachi Pakistan against an Ahmadi Muslim lawyer for having Syed in his name and having بسم اللہ الرحمان الرحیم on the top of his application submitted to a court.

A citizen name Muhammad Ahmad of Karachi Pakistan has submitted an application in City Police Station Karachi that states, “I had started a case against some people in Jamshed Quarter Karachi some time ago.

I got to know that this person is Qadiani ( Ahmadi Muslim ) but he write Syed with his name and write Bismillah in his documents

I want to file a case against them as they have insulted the religion.

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